Due to the increase in demand for personal protective equipment caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, JARWIS has introduced protective helmets in several variants. Cooperation with the Polish producer guarantees speed and continuity of deliveries.


We would like to thank the participants of the Congress of the Polish Society of Pathologists for participating in the lecture about liquid cytology sponsored by the JARWIS company and for visiting our stand where BLX equipment and single-layer samples were presented.

All interested are invited to the Congress of the Polish Society of Pathologists held on September 26-28, 2019 in Lublin Conference Center, where JARWIS, which is the official sponsor of the Congress, will present, among others, offered solutions for liquid cytology (LBC). More information on official webpage http://zjazdptp2019.pl/

In May this year, the first operation was transmitted from the Clinic of Neurosurgery at the University Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw by the system for audio-visual transmission made by JARWIS for the Medical University in Wroclaw. More information on the hospital website: http://www.usk.wroc.pl/dokumenty/biuletyny/44_2019.pdf

At the conference “Oncology Gynecology – Controversy” which took place in Poznań on 17 – 18.05.2019, JARWIS presented the offered solutions for liquid based cytology


Please be advised that on Thursday, May 2, the company’s office will be closed.


As every year in March, another edition of the internship program started, this time dedicated to strengthening the sales and marketing department.


JARWIS company has launched another BLX liquid based cytology system, which from today will be working in a private facility in Warsaw.