Medical equipment service

Full range of customer support: installations, consultation and training as well as post-warranty service for medical devices. We work with reliable suppliers. Warranty for services rendered.

Repair and Maintenance of Analyzers

Post-warranty service, periodic inspections and preventive maintenance of analyzers for in-vitro diagnostic: Siemens, Bayer healthcare, Chiron Diagnostics, and Ciba-Corning.

Outsourcing maintenance

Comprehensive technical support for distributors of medical equipment and health service for device users throughout the country.

Logistics services

Support for the distribution and implementation of projects for companies from the laboratory & medical sector, preparation of tender documentation, delivery of equipment and logistics services.




Knowledge and years of experience, backed by certificates issued by reputable manufactures, are the foundation of our service. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to ensure the maximum performance and reliability of your equipment while keeping the cost low. We offer regular maintenance as well as rapid and effective response in case of emergency. In any repairs, we use original parts. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who work diligently to make your equipment run smoothly.

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Latest news


Due to the increase in demand for personal protective equipment caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, JARWIS has introduced protective helmets in several variants. Cooperation with the Polish producer guarantees speed and continuity of deliveries.


JARWIS in cooperation with specialists from URIT Medical Electronic launched in Lublin the first in Poland and the second in Europe the most modern integrated system for automatic urine testing US-2000 series consisting of a module for chemistry tests and..


We would like to thank the participants of the Congress of the Polish Society of Pathologists for participating in the lecture about liquid cytology sponsored by the JARWIS company and for visiting our stand where BLX equipment and single-layer samples we..